Apple iPhone 12 Series is Here ! *Shocking Indian Pricing*

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 13 ऑक्टोबर, 2020
Apple Event me Dhamaka hua ki nahi?
Edited By Devender Singh Insta @_creador
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  • Yeh lene wale waqiy mein chutiye hain

  • 18000 phone pe 120 refresh rate hai bhai!! 80000 phone pe Alag se Charger Purchase why extra electric junk??

  • 18000 phone pe 120 refresh rate hai bhai!! 80000 phone pe Alag se Charger Purchase why extra electric junk??

  • I will sold my one eye

  • Kuch din badd iphone nee screen vi nehi dengee🥴

  • Can i use USA iphone 12 pro in india with 5G in future??

  • LMFAO I don't even understand what he's saying cause I'm not an Indian but I still find it interesting 😂

  • Unless Apple are willing to sell the phone at the same price as US in India, not worth the money!! Better get a OnePlus pro or Samsung S series phone, better value for money products.

  • Cute

  • Eyebrows ladki jaisa hai ... Trim kia hoga😀😂

  • Please shoot video Sony xperia 5ii unboxing

  • Modi h to mumkin h

  • Tu bawaligand hai

  • Avaj mst hai bhai teri

  • MRslow: lets put samsung ad

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  • Can you tell which is better Samsung or iPhone

  • Samajh mein nahin aya ye pagal ko 4m subscriber mila hai..


  • Nepal: vaiya app bahut funny aur talented ho .. aapka video dekhke aapka style speaking main eak josh hain.. josh aatha hain aapka content dekhte huya.. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌🙌

  • When are you selling your second kidney shlok🤣🤣🤣

  • Bohot mehnat karta hu bhailog But koi support hi nhi most of the time editing aur recording hi karta hu. Please🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 supppoooort😟😟😟

  • Apple not giving charger and airpords to save environment Inside: the real lot of money from this

  • Personali precktikal basically

  • *An apple 📱 a year makes your kidney disappear*😂😂😂

  • Bhai aaram se bhi bologe toh log samjh jaege

  • Ya vc bhe tik tok 100 rupaye wala mitha hai

  • Me: looking your vedio My brain: (dead) he is so f****n cool! 😜👈🏻

  • 06:49 - 06:52 🤣🤣🤣

  • iPhone 12 ~ no charger and earphone in box iPhone 13 ~ customize your own phone 🤪🤪😝😜

  • Bhai don't buy iPhone

  • Chutiya company iPhone

  • Mekhar iPhone

  • Backvaas phone he iPhone 12

  • We can see our kidneys in iphone 12 🤔🥴

  • samsung is better in all aspects except imac and ipad

  • Unboxing iPhone 12

  • Teri Screen bhagao yojana ke wajhase screen toot gayi meri...

  • I phone is all about getting a. Phone with a dslr

  • ham bhikari ho jay but ye log hame charger and ear phones nahi denge ......!!!

  • Bhai iphone 12 unboxing karo technical guruji ne to kar diya

  • Bikavu h tu

  • Bhai lockdown me aap gore ho gye

  • When you said lidar..... spit flew from your mouth just like the lidar rays.... 🙃😁😀😆😃😅😃 Check it out at 4.47

  • Superbbb video ❤️❤️

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  • আমার ধোনের হিন্দি ভাষা

  • Fact : this man is more handsome than me❤️😂

  • Man! I love watching things I can't afford 😂😂

  • Maine insta oe memes dekhe the ki charger nhi milega iske aath. Mujhe laga ki taunt mar rhe the sab Sala ab sachi khabar pati chali and bhailog ne earphones bhi nikal diye yaar, I mean kya h yeeeeeee

  • Ur style is bad. Over.Plz improve.

  • I won't buy

  • Chalo Dubai iPhone 12 lena .

  • Iphone 14 : invisible phone (price 4 kidney 2 upar ki 2 necchey ki🤣🤣)

  • You people who represent the consumers should take a stand and not review or give any publicity to Apple. First they removed headphones from box Then they removed headphone jack.. Next they removed power brick. This is shit. They need to know this kind of behaviour is not appreciated and it's totally unacceptable.

  • Raftaar lite😝😝😝

  • The coolest reviewer ever. 🕶

  • Who are watching with out having iPhone 🙄

  • rog main 120 hz hai bro

  • iphone 15 will come with only sticker and you have to buy iphone component and put it together like power ranger boom🔥

  • Rather than buying iPhone we should boycott it for manipulating INDIAN customer

  • Mazak mazak me bahot si knowledge wali bate deta hai bhai ....dusre youtuber ke comparison me👍👍

  • Tech Burner : This glass gives 4x better protection . Le JerryRigEverything : Glass is Glass and it will break . 🤣

  • Why doing joker likevthings

  • 06:30 for English speakers. You’re welcome.

  • भैया, आपको कब्ज रहती है क्या? जो इतना जोर लगा कर बोलते हो।

  • I can’t tell what language this foo is speaking

  • Itni Over acting

  • why is Iphone expensive in India then us

  • Abe sale kya over acting karta hai

  • Bhai ka pas 12 toh nahi aya but excited 😁 😆 😄 dekho bhai ka

  • Bahut sahi

  • Heavy price is because of lidar usage licence in India. Thanks to GOI.

  • P40 pro plus also have ceramics back

  • Interested

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    • @Pichkalu PappitaSir, can you tell a Malayalam movies with over action..🤔😏

    • Yeah he watches south indian movies

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  • What a clown 🤣🤣😂😂

  • bhai normally v baat kr skta hai yaar tu....

  • So I just smuggle the iPhone from USA and don’t pay tax to this shitty govt..

  • bakwass hai yr iphone walay, iphone k pass ab koi bhi new idea nhi hai apany phone ko Flagship announce krnay k liye

  • Stupid MRslowr in the world

  • Plase give me a Bluetooth headphones plz

  • An apple a year make ur money disappear

  • New 1+ 8T 5G has come

  • Camera

  • Bsdk phle to lga ki english pelega... Lkin ye to देसी banda hai

  • In the end of the year table was gonna broke .

  • He is high :)

  • apple is giving free airpods with iphone 11 ..yes this is time for me to upgrade to 11 from my 1.5 year old xr.

  • Hi shlok, How much kidney should I sell😅 to buy one

  • bhai i respect your work, but aap keh rahe ho ki 120Hz abhi tak aaya nahin phones mein. Bro ROG Phone 3 is offering 144Hz. Please consider

  • Hello I'm cmmntg 1 time. I want konw that if u buy ip 12 promx from Dubai ... Did u get the warranty in india.n if u get plz share the info how will u get it.

  • Love your content!

  • Is it only me being irritated listening the way you talk? Talk normally man.

  • Idk bout the iphone specs but the comment sections humour r just 🔥😂

  • pagal kiraak